1. Records Retention Schedule for Records pertaining to Facilitative Functions:

    Records pertaining to Facilitative Functions are common to all departments. These relate to:

i. Establishment, Personnel, and Housekeeping matters, e.g. Establishment, Welfare, Vigilance, Common Office Services viz. accommodation, furniture, stationary and forms, office equipments, library, security etc., Hindi, Public Relations, Parliament etc.

ii. Common Office Procedures, and include various Registers, Lists, Diaries, Reports etc as mentioned in the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (12th edition, New Delhi, 2002), Para 111 (1) (c) and Appendix 28 thereof.

iii. Financial matters, viz. Finance, Budget, Cash and Accounts etc.

Records Retention Schedules prescribed for the above-mentioned three categories of records are seriatim as follows: