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Regional Office, Bhopal

The National Achieves of India, Regional Office, Bhopal came into existence on the basis of an agreement signed on 21 October 1953 between the Bhopal Government and the Government of India. All the records housed in the Central Records Office of the erstwhile Bhopal State which contain Mutiny Papers files relating to the Chamber of Princes and other subjects covering the years 1843 to 1949. These records are mainly couched in Persian and English.

National Archives of India, New Delhi transferred 2008 bundles containing 2,51,000 files approx., as spare copies of Government of India records of various Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government for the years 1860-1938 for their safety and also to help facilitate the scholars of the adjoining states.

Furthermore, the National Archives of India has also transferred 13,732 volumes of Gazettes of various states (inclusive years 1841-1971) for their permanent preservation.

Apart from the above this office has also accessioned way back in 1984, a collection of private papers (inclusive years 1928-19781) received from Pandit Chatur Narayan Malaviya, ex-prime Minister of the erstwhile Bhopal State. Among these private papers three volumes on the ‘Monuments of Sanchi’ of Sir John Marshall are also found.

Recently this Department has also started accommodating Microfilm Rolls of intrinsic historical value to be preserved as a second line of defense of records to serve as parallel archives for posterity.

The Regional Office has also acquired a collection of books numbering about 3000 of historical and archival importance which are properly kept in our reference library to cater to the needs of scholars, officials and visitors.

Furthermore, this office has also been preserving the records and rare books by treating them by latest scientific methods of conservations through its Preservation Section to increase their longevity for another hundred years.

The Regional Office also posses the Xeroxing facilities for the scholars and the officials. Efforts are afoot to requisition a Microfilm Printer as well so as to obtain Xerox copies of the relevant portions of the Microfilm Rolls for genuine scholars and users, as per the historical research rules.


The details of the holding available at Regional office, Bhopal follows:

a. Public Records

b. Provincial Gazettes

c. Miscellaneous

d. Private Papers

e. Microfilms

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