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Instructions for researchers

Research Room

Attention Research Scholars:


1.     Mobile phones may be switched off or put on silent/ vibration mode before entering Research Room.

2.     Use of mobile cameras/ digital cameras, scanners, etc. is strictly prohibited inside Research Room.

3.     Bags, water bottles, beverages and edible items are not permitted inside the Research Room.

4.     Big bags, laptop bags and water bottles and eatables may be kept in lockers adjacent to the Publications Sale Counter. National Archives of India does not hold any responsibility for items stored in lockers.

5.     Researchers may use their own locks to store their belongings. Department reserves the right to open lockers found locked for more than a week.

6.     Researchers are requested to return the reference media to their respective shelves in the Research Room after use.

7.     Requisition slips are sent to the repositories at 10.00 AM, 12.30 PM and 3.00 PM; Requisitions may be handed over at least 15 minutes before the timings mentioned above. For any clarification RR staff may be contacted.

8.     Researchers are requested to give only 10 requisition slips at a time.

9.     Records not received within four days shall be returned to the repository

10. Records may be reserved only for a week after which they shall be returned to the repositories.

11. Documents may be handled with utmost care. They  are not to be marked, folded, pinned, stapled or leaned upon.

12. Do not keep any writing material on the  records. Use lecterns for heavy volumes.

13   Use of pencils is preferred over pens in the Research Room.

14   Researchers are advised to seek advance gate pass to access the Research Room on Government holidays and Saturdays.  Room staff may be contacted one day in advance of such holidays latest by 4.00 PM.


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                          DIRECTOR GENERAL OF ARCHIVES

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