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Rates for Reprographic Services


 S.No.  Research & Reference Indian
 1 Negative Microfilm  
  Rate Per Exposure Rs.6.00  Rs.40.00 
  Minimum Charges Rs.100.00 Rs.150.00 
 2 Positive Microfilm      
  Rate Per Meter   Rs.46.00 Rs.300.00 
  Minimum Charges Rs.100.00 Rs.150.00 
 3 Photo Copying    
  Rate for Size 600 Sq Cm or part thereof Rs.46.00* Rs.500.00* 
  Minimum Charges Rs.100.00 Rs.500.00 
 4 Processing of 35mm Microfilm  Rs.145.00 Rs.400.00 
 5 Special copying:- As per estimate in each case
depending upon cost. Labour and material 
 6 plain paper Copies  Rs.3.00** per copy Rs.6.00 per copy
 7 Cost of 35 x 30 meter microfilm Spool & Can  Rs.30.00 Rs.30.00 
 8 Reader Printer Copy Rs.7.00 per copy Rs.30.00 per copy  
 9 Search Fee Rs.125.00 per day  Rs.125.00 per day

* The cost of making negatives when required will be extra.
** Rs. 1.50 per copy for Individual Indian Scholar.
Other charges: An extra charge will be applicable for detagging 100 pages @ Rs.25/- Postage and packing charges extra on case to basis.

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